Apr 18,2014
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These two are absolute gems. The meet and greet after the Manchester show was a little more chaotic than ones I’ve been to in the past because instead of any real structure or system, each skater claimed a corner of the room and people mingled however they wanted. That also meant that whoever was most aggressive about getting their attention could get in front of people who had been waiting. Somehow despite having the most people around them, these two managed to keep order and made sure that everyone got their autographs/photos/general face time in roughly the order they’d gotten to them. It was pretty amazing, actually, because they were able to keep things straight while still giving their full attention to the fans they were interacting with. I expected it to be chaos around them but somehow they managed to be the most organized ones in the room and despite having to be exhausted (and having a 3 hour bus ride ahead of them), they were incredibly upbeat and positive to everyone that interacted with them from the fans to the arena staff.

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