Oct 21,2014
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The amount of hate poor Phoebe Tonkin gets is actually shocking and if you hate her for every small thing she does and have no valid reasons for hating her then I feel very very sorry for you.

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Oct 21,2014
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Oct 21,2014
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Favorite text posts part 4

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Oct 21,2014
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Oh, look, yet another rp stealing things from us. They could’ve at least changed the wording/lyrics/symbols to make it semi-original.

Oct 21,2014
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actual angel natasha negovanlis (x)

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Oct 20,2014
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I still haven’t caught up, but has anyone done the obvious Barney/Elijah crossover yet?

Oct 20,2014
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wwa film

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Oct 20,2014
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Is Kat receiving hate yet for posting pictures unrelated to Candice and Joe?

Oct 20,2014
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it’s okay to cry // songs to listen to when everything is just too much and you need a good cry [listen]

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