Apr 18,2014
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My mom just sent a picture of herself with Meryl and Charlie to a bunch of people. One of them responded that in the thumbnail they thought the person in the middle (Charlie) was my now dead grandfather’s 85 year girlfriend.

Apr 18,2014
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Cutie of the day goes to this man

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Apr 18,2014
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This is brave, constructive and precise. I don’t think I’d have the perspective to be as clear and moral.

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Apr 18,2014
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Overheard in the halls of Hogwarts [bonus] inspired by x

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Apr 18,2014
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// "Sorry, darling, didn’t mean to hit you in the face.” //
(my video and gif, please leave caption)

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Apr 18,2014
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Apr 18,2014
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I like reading other people’s opinions on things, but there’s so much weird body shaming/slut shaming/general misogyny in the various DWTS forums that I’m about to lose it.

Apr 18,2014
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i will die with this

never not reblog

That’s it. That’s the 1975.


I will always reblog this

reason 23455785 why me and adam are the same person

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Apr 18,2014
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