Jul 28,2014
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Jul 28,2014
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I open my eyes and thrust my arm out. My blood drips onto the carpet between the two bowls. Then, with a gasp I can’t contain, I shift my hand forward, and my blood sizzles on the coals.

I am s e l f i s h. I am b r a v e.

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Jul 28,2014
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I bet satan greets you with the “hey hey hey” from blurred lines

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Jul 28,2014
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JOAN: So, my true nature is to be a catalyst? That is mad anti-climatic.
GOD: Anticlimactic. Anti-climatic means you're against the weather.
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Jul 27,2014
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@trumanbitch: “Someone gave matty a fucking baby and he was like “aw little bubba” and poking its face”

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Jul 27,2014
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Comic Con is the one time of year I quietly sit in my corner and truly indulge in speculating about paparazzi photos. The rest of the year I don’t care, but Comic Con is like the one time where truly ridiculous things seem to happen.

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Jul 27,2014
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I’m like 25% funny and 85% bad at math

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